As much as I love them, the holidays can be challenging. I prefer to travel if I’m able and make new memories. I was blessed to be in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos this past Christmas.  It’s a magical place.  The climate is warm enough to soothe you, but not too hot and the water is clear, calm and inviting.

I have fond memories in Provo (as it’s referred to locally). Some of the memories I have are with people I am no longer with on a daily basis.  Other memories are with a child who is now quickly growing into a young woman.

I began each day with a morning walk on the beach.  I’ve always loved shell collecting and sandpiper gazing.  Shells were slim pickins this year, I mean the beach was virtually shell-less, so I kept my focus on the horizon and of course, the adorable sandpipers. I took this as a sign from the Universe to just be in the moment and enjoy.  You can imagine my surprise to see a rather large white clam shell mid-way through my walk.


I would walk to the very end of the beach (trying to get my steps in early 😉) and then turn back around.  On my way back the shell was still there. When I saw this shell again I realized that the love we all experience is always there in time, like a memory.  You can tap into it, bask in it and relish it.

If you’ve been wronged by a loved one, you can take yourself back to a happier time and sit in that space.  Remember the love that you felt.  That love still remains.  If your loved one hurt you or continues to create drama in your life, you can choose to disengage. It’s called discernment. Love yourself enough to walk away.

If you’ve lost a loved one, you can experience their love once again just by thinking about them. I know in my heart and Soul that when you think of your departed loved ones, they are right there with you, Always! They are watching and guiding you (they are not peeking in on you during private moments- don’t worry, they have better things to do!). If you’re open, they will even give you a sign. Just ask them!

The Love Always Remains!

I love you all so much!  Please leave me your comments or questions, I always love to hear from you!

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

Angel numbers 4:29

The angels are working diligently behind the scenes to support you and your life purpose. The doors are open for you; walk through them confidently.

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