Greetings fellow Love Advocates!

Happy Friday! Was this a long week for you? If it was, I hope you will like tonight’s message.

If you desire more romance, first look at yourself (in a caring and noncritical way, of course). The more you love who you are, the greater your capacity to feel loved by others. This means trusting yourself to take good care of you, and it may entail becoming more assertive.  Don’t worry: you can still be very lovable while affirming your boundaries.

Perhaps this means spending some time alone, instead of in a a relationship. During this period, you can delve into introspection to understand the patterns of your love life.  Ultimately, you can take responsibility for attracting, and agreeing to, every relationship you’ve had. To heal your heart, find the blessing and lessons you’ve gained from each one.   For instance, have you become stronger, more independent, or more patient as a result of your prior partnerships? If so, let everything else from the past go except for the lessons and the love.

Love yourself first, especially as you prepare for your next relationship or heal the one you’re in. As you gain self-respect, you’ll begin attracting more loving people into your life. This will lead to healthy friendships and romances, based upon mutual respect.

Love more, fear less. Know that I love you, you are loved! You can get through this, whatever it is.

I always love to hear from you, please feel free to share in the comment section.

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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