New Moon in Gemini

Hello Love! Tomorrow we have the New Moon in Gemini, communication is key! A successful relationship usually comes down to one thing; communication. And the New Moon in Gemini is all about the start of a new cycle for communicating with the person at the center of your question. Talking things through is the answer … Continue reading New Moon in Gemini

Dreams Coming True

Dreams Coming True Happy Monday Love, Good News! The life you've been dreaming of is becoming a reality for you. Your affirmations, prayers, visualizations, and other positive practices have brought your dreams to fruition. Now, the fairies ask you to keep the faith at this moment, you may be seeing glimmers of your dreams coming … Continue reading Dreams Coming True

Set Your Sights Higher

Hello love, Increase your standards, and expect more for yourself. Don't settle! You've been trying to rationalize that some situation is okay...when it isn't.  You've settled for less than you desire, and for much less than you deserve. You don't need to compromise! Heaven will help you heal, or will replace troubling situations in your … Continue reading Set Your Sights Higher

New Moon in Scorpio

Hello Love! There's a Super New Moon in Scorpio tonight which adds fuel to the fire. Every New Moon is about manifesting, but this New Moon is associated with Pluto, the magician of the zodiac. Think of your situation as the Phoenix that's rising from the ashes; as the birth, death, rebirth paradigm. That's what … Continue reading New Moon in Scorpio


Hello Love, I hope you're well! What a crazy time right now, no? If you're in the U.S. it's time to vote. I've tried 3 times since Saturday to no avail. Those that are close to me know that I haven't watched the news since I was 18. I march to the beat of my … Continue reading Clarity

A New Romantic Cycle Begins New Moon in Libra

Hello Love! We actually have a Super New Moon which packs double the punch! 🤗🥰💜 Give and take could well be the answer to whatever dilemma you're asking about - compromise may be called for. It's time to start negotiating or even renegotiating. When the New Moon in Libra comes up, there's a restart for … Continue reading A New Romantic Cycle Begins New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Leo Confidence is your key to success

Hello Love! There is a very special Black New Moon 🌚 in Leo ♌️ tonight. The black moon only occurs once every 33 months.  This gives us an extra chance to manifest our dreams and desires, so take advantage of it! Remember to set your intentions from the heart and feel into them. This means … Continue reading New Moon in Leo Confidence is your key to success

Stay Optimistic

Hello Love! This is it- your time has come! You're about to collect your rewards, and your prayers will be answered. However, a bit more patience and guided action on your part is required. The extra wait and effort are definitely worth it. You're just about there, and this message asks you to keep your … Continue reading Stay Optimistic

Break Free

Hello Love! Sometimes we get into ruts and routines because they feel safe and comfortable.  Today, you're asked to swim outside your comfort zone. It's time to take risks and explore new ways of thinking, making a living, or being in relationships. When you make the commitment to explore and experiment, the world responds by … Continue reading Break Free