The Super 7 is one of my all time favorite crystals. I first stumbled upon it at a crystal show in 2012 when the majestic purple hue caught my eye. I purchased a pendant from a lovely woman, Rosemarie Stars, who explained its significance to me.  She cautioned that one should Super 7 pendantsonly work with this little beauty when you’re ready for change.  It’s so powerful that some folks find they can’t wear it all the time.  Of course, because I was becoming Lorraine 2.0 I only took it off to shower. I connected with the energy of the Super 7 instantly.

The Super 7 is comprised of seven different mineral inclusions that create a healing frequency paralleled by none.

  • Clear Quartz : premier crystal for embracing you Soul’s highest purpose and being a vessel of divine service.
  • Amethyst: a crystal of transformation, fostering spiritual growth and connection with higher states of consciousness.
  • Smoky Quartz: a grounding crystal that also energizes and clears our energy field.
  • Rutile: opens awareness to multi-dimensional states of being, hence the warning to wear with caution.  This can assist in awakening your clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience).
  • Cacoxenite: awakens your inner knowing that we are all connected.  You become aware that problems no longer exist, there are only solutions and enlightened ways of creating harmony and peaceful coexistence.
  • Goethite: transforms old unconscious beliefs into new vibrations of an awakened state.
  • Lepidocrocite: promotes grace and ease with your Soul’s physical experience.

The Super 7 crystal provides an access corridor to your subconscious and facilitates Soul growth.  It helps you re-member who you are, why you are here and your Soul’s gifts. It may also agitate you and then you will find it difficult to wear.  Super 7 is relentless, it persists on it’s mission with you. I think of it as the Navy Seal of Crystals.

If you’re ready to move forward on your spiritual journey, this crystal is for you.  I keep these five with me during energy healing sessions and readings.  They aren’t always easy to find, but if you come across them, you will know immediately if you are drawn to work with them or not.img_1249

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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