Greetings Love Advocates!

Archangel Michael is supporting your quest for happiness, health, and abundance by advising you to respect and love yourself.  The situation you’re inquiring about has some dysfunctional aspects, which can adversely affect your self-esteem.  This card is a sign that it’s time to honor yourself, even if others aren’t treating you in a worthy manner.  You deserve respect from yourself and others, for you’re a beloved child of God (just as everyone is in spiritual truth).

Possible specific meanings:

  • Get counseling to build your self-esteem.
  • Leave an abusive situation.
  • Let go of behaviors that you know deep down aren’t healthy or right for you, as guild erodes self-respect.
  • Insist that others treat you with respect.


Dear God and angels, thank you for helping me see myself as you see me: through the eyes of love.  Thank you for honoring and respecting me- please guide me to do the same for myself, and grant me the courage to speak up on my own behalf.  I ask for your protection in all of my relationships so that I am surrounded by loving and kind people. 

Remember that no one else will respect you if you don’t love and respect yourself first! If you need a little reminder, just listen to Aretha..

Angel Number 802:  Keep the faith that God is providing for all of your needs, including helping you with your bills.  Follow any Divine intuition you receive.

With much love and many blessings,


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