Happy Monday Love Advocates!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend! Mine just flew by. I did get to spend some quality time back at the stables, which I love. I volunteer with a place that offers therapeutic riding for special needs kids and young adults. This is very rewarding for me, as I get to spend time with horses and young people. Unlike working with animal shelters, you can’t take either home, so it’s safe! 😜

Speaking of home, I’m so happy to be back home and I was able to enjoy this wonderful view tonight. But enough about me, on to our reading.img_2338

Many of you are making changes and have unanswered questions.  Our beloved St. Francis is here to assist.

The answer to your question is in your heart.  This message signifies that you can trust your heart’s desires, even if you can’t clearly see how the outcome will appear or manifest. This is a situation where you’re called upon to walk in faith and be true to yourself.  The universe will ensure that your needs are met and will help with your relationships as you make life changes.

Additional meanings for this message:  

  • You already know what to do; trust your intuition and take action accordingly.
  • Your feelings are accurate and valid.
  • You’re guided to make important and happy life changes.
  • You’re receiving true Divine guidance through your feelings and intuition.

St. Francis of Assisi was born to a wealthy Italian cloth merchant, but he later renounced his inheritance to follow an ascetic spiritual path. As he volunteered in hospitals and ministered to the sick, he gained followers who eventually became the Franciscans. Many legends speak of St. Francis’s ability to communicate with animals, and today he’s the patron saint of the environment and animals.  Call upon St. Francis for help in situations where your family or friends don’t understand your choices or spiritual path, or any issues involving  animals.

Angel Number: 397 You’re on the right path toward your Divine life purpose.

I’m giving a little shout out to my cousin who has an extreme love for animals. She actually (manifested) created her own position at the Humane Society and will now be working full time, following her passion and assisting animals to find their furever homes. Way to go Cuz! You always inspire me and I wish you ultimate love and blessings on your latest journey.

Follow your hearts Love Advocates, and always remember you have your own personal Team of angels and spirit guides to assist you in whatever you are here to accomplish.

With much love and many blessings,


P.S. Check out the featured image of St. Francis holding a baby lamb.  Do we really need to eat lamb??? Just throwing it out there….no judgement. 😉😘😘😘

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