Let It Go!                 Quan Yin

It's time to stop struggling, pushing, or forcing things to happen. Such actions push against the universal flow and lead to frustrations and blocks. When you let the situation go to Spirit, you automatically open supportive doors that will bring solutions and an outcome exceeding your expectations. Let go of struggle, anger, unforgiveness, or anything … Continue reading Let It Go!                 Quan Yin

Forgive Yourself: You’ve Done Nothing Wrong

Archangel Michael sees that guilt is interfering with the happiness you seek.  You're blaming yourself for something that's in the past, but it's time to let it go - especially since self-blame is unproductive and unhealthy.  In truth, you've done nothing wrong.  You were doing the best you could at the time. Possible specific meanings:  … Continue reading Forgive Yourself: You’ve Done Nothing Wrong