Hello Love!

How’s your week going so far? Like most of us, I struggle with the “new normal”. What does it look like for you? Are you comfortable remaining in your safe bubble or are you ready to dip your itty bitty toe back in the real world pond? Either way, it can be difficult to remain positive in such uncertain times.

This situation calls for uplifting thoughts, which are the magic ingredients you’ve been looking for. Although you may project that you already have a positive mind-set, Archangel Michael advises you to purge your thoughts and speech of any worries or other negativity that could diminish your manifestations. Michael says that you can tell how constructive your thoughts are by paying attention to recent events in your life, as there is a direct correlation between positive thoughts and positive results. He’ll help buoy your spirits to a truly beneficial level so that your experiences are happy and welcome.

I decided to go for Sunday brunch, something I haven’t partaken in since the pandemic. Although we wore masks for most of the day, we still had fun visiting all the stores in the West Village, they even have a Pop-up Tiffany’s!

We meandered in to #SelimaOptiquesoho to look for new frames and met the incredible Sarah #wishsarahstar (and new friend) who found the most perfect frames for Irwin. We actually had a CONVERSATION and got to know one another. Remember what that was like? I remembered what it was like. It felt wonderful and gave me hope for the new normal. What a great time we had. I wish that for you as well my love. Stay positive, stay open and dip that toe in the water, or dive right in if you’re ready, but please do something.

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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