Hello Love,

This message asks you, “What do you want?” and demands very clear and specific answers.  Just like putting in your order at a restaurant, the universe has been listening to your thoughts and feelings about your love life and has brought you what you asked for.  When you complain about what’s served to you, it’s only because you placed an unclear order.

As soon as you are perfectly straightforward about what it is you desire, it comes to you upon the wings of angels in an instant.  It’s time for you to get clear and honest with yourself, and formulate your requests with faith and optimism.  Trust your feelings and make decisions for yourself about what’s best for you.

I remember listening to The Best of Doreen Virtue many years ago.  When she discussed manifesting, she used the analogy of ordering food at a diner.  She said, when you place an order with a waiter, you’re done.  You don’t keep asking him, “did you get my order?” “Is the kitchen preparing my food?” etc.  Just trust that you placed the order and it will arrive.

Subsequently, Mike Dooley’s Playing The Matrix compares manifesting to using a GPS. He also believes you should focus on the end result, not on how you get there.  You enter an address and will make several twists and turns (never really knowing if they are correct or not) before you arrive at your final destination, but arrive, you will! And if you’re like me, you ignore the GPS half the time, especially if you have a vague idea of where you’re headed. When I don’t have a clue where I’m going, it’s an absolute life saver!

The other day, I needed to meet a client in Brooklyn. Good thing I left really early, because unbeknownst to me, the avoid highways option was checked off on my GPS. I ended up travelling down Myrtle Avenue in Bushwick. There, I saw some of the most amazing street art I have ever seen. Back in my day, we called it graffiti and I have been known to dabble in that genre myself, but nothing compared to this.

What is my point? Stop micromanaging every minute of your life and try to go with the flow a bit more.  Fortunately for me, I gave my self plenty of time to get to my destination.  This enabled  me to enjoy my journey.  I was able to take photos of these truly incredible works of art and share them with you Love!

I made it to my appointment within minutes actually, not because of my art detour, but because I couldn’t find parking once I got where I was going. I didn’t stress, I just sent it out to my team to help me find parking and after 15 minutes of driving around, I did.  The clients I met with were so kind and sweet (this can vary in my field) it was such an amazing day!

Not every day works out like this, but why can’t they?  If we just set our intentions and be clear about the outcome, I believe they can!

So if it’s love you’re manifesting, clearly decide what you want so that it comes to you now.  Focus on how you will feel and what you will experience with your new partner.  Don’t get stuck on the details of how it will manifest, just set your outcome, put the car in drive and go!

This pertains to every area of your life.  If you have specific questions, please ask in the comment section and I’ll be happy to answer!

Angel Number 477:  You’ve accurately listened to your angels, and as a result of following your Divine guidance, you’re taking steps toward the realization of your heart’s dreams. 

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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