This is my latest geode. It’s really one of a kind, I’m so excited to work with it. As soon as I saw it, I knew we would work well together. I’m not at all familiar with Bismuth so I’ve included the description directly from Gillian’s website

Sirens Song ‘Bismuth the Purifier Stone’


The sirens song lives within each of us. Deep in our soul we hear the call of what will bring us joy, love and peace. We all seem to sit upon a rock of ages, feeling alone in our sojourn, separate from what lives in our heart. Never really feeling connected to our world. We call and call singing our soul desires for all the oceans of earth to hear. We seek to be part of that which we find ourselves enveloped within.

We seek earth love in all of its myriad forms. We seek togetherness in our heart and soul. We all know that we came to earth to learn and love. We came from many a place in god’s endless universe and we have worn many forms in that learning. This beautiful bismuth crystal geode come to show us our sirens song has been heard, and floats upon the endless seas of time. Like a message in a bottle it seeks us as we seek it!
The healing properties of Bismuth relieve soul symptoms of isolation and loneliness, both spiritually and emotionally. This is a powerful crystal of transformation.  It is a jewel that not only transforms the negative into the positive but pushes the soul in the right direction as it searches for peace on earth. It connects the inner soul with inner Earth.

This crystal allows spirit to flow from the crown chakra to the root chakra refining the entire aura. It lets the soul see the truth of life and live in the present rather than in the past or future. This stone cleans the living aura. Because it stimulates energy, it can clear the biological field immediately. It is wonderful for Shamanic journeys allowing the soul to transform while in the spiritual realms.  It bestows high energy and connects one to the higher realms of Light.  It also improves concentration and visualization during Shamanic journeys.

Bismuth is a Purifier Stone one of its jobs is to clear biological energy fields.  It is a single element  known as a Purifier stones. Purifier stones are  crystals that are composed of a single element. These powerful and beautiful stones  help to build faith laced with hope. They work for peace, creating joy  and helping us to achieve spiritual growth. These crystals  have pure purpose and motives.  Bismuth crystals are very protective and offer you a retreat, Use as a protective amulet. Use it to support transformation while traveling between the physical world and the realms of spirit. It can help with visualization during shamanic journeying

Bismuth naturally occurs with an iridescent oxide tarnish that reflects a full spectrum of colors. These crystals are typically laboratory grown. Bismuth is melted then a rod is placed in the molten metal and pulled up slowly, which allows crystals to form as it cools. Bismuth has been known since ancient times and was often confused with tin and lead. It is element #83 on the Periodic table. The largest deposits of naturally occurring Bismuth are found in Bolivia.  Bismuth is a crystalline, brittle metal which resists being magnetized and is repelled by a magnetic field. It also has an unusually high electrical resistance. it has the unusual property like water, it expands as it freezes.

Traditionally rainbow Bismuth has been used to ease us through transitions, encouraging a calm acceptance of change and helping us to adapt and transform. It can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by responsibilities while at the same time increasing your energy levels  and desire to deal with them. This single element crystal stimulates drive especially when working as part of a team.   This is a great stone for bringing groups together as it supports soul connections.

Bismuth Affirmation: I am complete

These stones are bismuth infused geodes from Brazil. I have never seen anything like them before. There are some natural imperfections, as there is within all of us. But the beauty over-lights all flaws.

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Your crystal fairy,


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