Rise Above Problems

Hello Love! Have you been feeling frightened by a seemingly insurmountable situation? Your fears and tension may have created a negative obsession, where you think about the problem continually. Although you search endlessly for solutions, none seem forthcoming, and hopelessness creeps into your consciousness. Whether your situation seems big or small, this message asks you … Continue reading Rise Above Problems

Treasure Chest

Friday's finally here Love! I hope you took advantage of the powerful life changing energies of 12:12 and the Gemini Full Moon 🌕 yesterday! I sure did! I released thought patterns that no longer serve me and set my intentions for the next cycle. In keeping with our holiday theme, the mermaids 🧜🏻‍♀️ have a … Continue reading Treasure Chest

Passion Allow your heart and soul to sing with joy!

Hello Love! The weekend is almost upon us...hang in there! Your prayers for great love have been heard and answered, and it all begins with you. You have the power to revive passion in your life. In fact, no one can bring it to you but you! This message guides you to seek that which … Continue reading Passion Allow your heart and soul to sing with joy!

Watch Your Thoughts “It’s important to only think about what you desire, not what you fear.”

Hello Love! As much as I have tried to get in to a regular pattern of writing, life gets in the way! Don't you love when that happens? As we say in NYC, whatayougonnado? Might have a slight Brooklyn influence, not sure First off, if you would be so kind, please pray for Pasquale Ciaramella. He's … Continue reading Watch Your Thoughts “It’s important to only think about what you desire, not what you fear.”

Eternal Love Archangel Michael

Hello Love! In keeping with our theme of Love for July, let's hear from our brother Archangel Michael. Someone is sending you love at this moment. The first person you think about is the one who’s holding these loving thoughts about you.  Perhaps you’ve been worried about a relationship, and this symbolizes Archangel Michael’s reassurance … Continue reading Eternal Love Archangel Michael

Romance Angels are Helping You Archangel Michael

Hello Love! I've missed you! These past few weeks have been really busy for me as I'm sure they have been for you, but Love is in the Air!  This afternoon I noticed something in my peripheral vision on my windowsill at work.  I haven't always had a fondness for pigeons, but my daughter just … Continue reading Romance Angels are Helping You Archangel Michael

Parenting and Children

A positive change is occurring for you in the area of parenting. An unexpected occurrence will herald a happy outcome between you and a parent, a child, or both.

Flow of Prosperity Lakshmi

Hello Love! Your prayers about finances have been heard and answered. Tap into your manifestation power by focusing on abundance instead of worrying about money. You have nothing to fear. A new flow of prosperity is supporting you and your loved ones. Stop worrying about money; worries only attract money problems. Everything's going to be … Continue reading Flow of Prosperity Lakshmi

Explore Your Options Archangel Michael

Hello Love! You've worked hard to make your current circumstances palatable, and now it's time to look at alternatives. Your coping and adaptation skills are admirable; however, Archangel Michael reminds you that it's important to be honest and authentic with yourself at all times. You don't need to compromise in any way, for Michael assures … Continue reading Explore Your Options Archangel Michael