Good morning Love!

This message asks you to begin your day with positive intentions and affirmations. Before arising from your bed, spend a few moments thinking about your desires.  Don’t worry about how to bring them into physical form. Just allow yourself to imagine that they’ve already manifested.

Then make one or more positive affirmations relating to your desires.  When you open your eyes, write down these affirmations (it’s a good idea to keep a pad and pen on your nightstand). During the day, look at the affirmations and say them mentally or verbally.

I wasn’t always a morning lass, but I became very good at setting intentions and they’ve really worked for me.

Depending on what you’re dealing with, I’ll offer you a few of my favorites:

  1. Just for today, I release angry thoughts and feelings. I release thoughts of worry. I am grateful for my many blessings. I practice expanding my consciousness.  I am gentle with all beings including myself.
  2. Everyone in my life loves, honors and respects me and everything in my life is a source of love, peace and joy.
  3. Holy Spirit who gives me life, flow through me, and may everything I say today be of benefit to others.

Of course, feel free to come up with your own intention that feels right for you. But please try it Love, the intentions work.

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

It’s a crazy world out there Love! Always remember I love you! It’s unconditional between you and me. 🥰

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