Hello Love!

Asking someone to change is like pruning a tree; neither will ever be the same again. Scarier still is that you can’t quite know in what new directions they’ll grow

I wouldn’t change a leaf on you, 

The Universe. 

Full disclosure, I can’t wear my glasses as my nose is still too swollen lol.  I’m trusting Archangel Michael to be my editor! This topic hit home for me. I would never want to change you Love! I think you’re perfect exactly the way you are!

That wasn’t always the case though. When I was married, I felt entitled to ask my husband to make many changes. Some perhaps were for his benefit; some may have chipped away at his soul. I know for a fact that he still likes to wear basketball shorts and flip flops in the winter. He will put a hat and scarf on, but not cover his legs or feet.

Does this make sense to you? It may or may not, but why do we feel entitled to impose our beliefs on others just because we are in a relationship?

I was embarrassed by the way he dressed and behaved sometimes. Friends and family would always comment. In the beginning of our relationship, I loved him so much, I just didn’t care what anyone said, at the end…. I listened.

I will defer to my love Maya, her words are so true! When someone shows you who they are, believe them.


So the takeaway for tonight is…can you accept who you’re with for exactly who they are?

Always remember I love you! It’s unconditional between you and me. 🥰

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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