Hello Love!

Oh boy do I feel Mercury Retrograde! I’ve written this post 3 times…it’s Groundhog day! But let’s push forward, shall we???

I hope your week is beginning on a funtastic note luv! I am still in quite a bit of pain, but trying to push through it. I definitely over did it this weekend. Not in a “fun” way, but in a “I’m going to help my family way.” What was I thinking when I decided to bake a carrot cake and shred carrots with a broken rib? I’ll tell you what, not thinking at all.  On top of that, I cut my adopted mother’s hair (no, I’m not a hair cutter…why did I do it? No answer). That didn’t really do me in though, the damage is on my left side and I’m a righty. I was a wee bit depressed because I can’t get to the gym, so I decided to walk by the water to clear my head. I did 3 miles. That was probably not a good idea either. I didn’t think walking would affect my rib, but hindsight is 20/20. If you have a broken rib, just rest love!

I promised I would be more transparent and share personal details, so here they are. Your Love Advocate feels pain, and makes silly decisions. The funniest detail of this weekend… my adopted mother calls me Lawwwrrr. If you’re not from Queens, NY, you won’t get it.  I’ll flesh it out for you. It’s the worst possible NY accent with a twang lol.

Open your heart to give and receive the biggest energy of all. 

This message indicates that you’re protecting your heart from hurt because of painful relationship experiences.  However, the angels can only bring as much romance as you’ll allow inside.  If you have a shield around your heart, how is love to get in? A closed heart repels the sensitive partner you’re trying to attract.

Following your inner guidance will protect you and simultaneously allows you to feel loved and loving.  Trust your intuitive senses with respect to other people’s trustworthiness, and open your heart to those who are kind and gentle.  Ask the angels to bring caring individuals (including a romantic partner) into your life, and the’ll do so…. provided  that you listen to and follow their guidance.

Open your heart Love! You never know how it’s gonna turn out, but you must try!

It’s a crazy world out there Love! Always remember I love you! It’s unconditional between you and me. 🥰

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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