Hello Love!

As a result of all your prayers and manifestation work, you’re now attracting synchronistic events. Those “chance meetings”, information that you just “happen” to receive, and other synchronisities are really answered prayers.  Heaven calls your attention to the synchronicity and serendipity happening in your life.  The more you notice these magical events, the more they’ll occur for you. Even better, write them down in a journal as a way to stimulate more synchronicity in your life.

You may already know that there are no coincidental  or accidental occurrences. This message reflects your recent focus on positive thoughts, which are being directed toward your desires.  Like a magical energy beam that can influence physical objects, your optimism and faith are reshaping your life into a masterpiece that reflects your higher self. YAY!

This message is dedicated to my brother-in-law. You’re gonna get through this and be better than ever dude! I envision us back in NOLA real soon bro! I’ll assist with my sisters 5’s. 🤭😉😀

Angel Number 143: There’s no need to worry; the ascended masters and angels are right by your side assuring you of a positive outcome. 

Worry less, trust more! 🥰


It’s a crazy world out there Love! Always remember I love you! It’s unconditional between you and me. 🥰

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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