A New Year’s ritual to do alone, with family or friends

Ritual is a wonderful thing – it helps us humans to work with the energies, it draws down Divine and it raises our vibrations.

Moreover, on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day this time around, we have the Moon in the mystical sign of Pisces – perfect for connecting with the cosmic.

So here’s a simple ritual. It’s the same ritual I will be doing at home with my family. You can do it New Year’s Eve, New Year’s day or even early January. It’s all about intention!

It’s easy, and it will raise your vibration!

You will need…

– Sage (if you have some), beautiful music, incense or essential oil (optional), a yoga mat rug or bathmat, something to write on, oracle cards (optional), a candle and bowl (optional), a pen and paper.

1. Put on some beautiful music.

I love Edo and JoDeval Premal and Miten and Mark Watson, to name but 3. Music is really important because it fills the air and changes the vibration. It lifts you up and if it’s the right music, it inspires you.

2. Burn some sage

Sage is amazing. It smells a little weird for people who aren’t used to it but if you have some handy, give it a good burn tonight. It’s pretty much scientifically prove to clear out bacteria but it’s also amazing for clearing out negative vibes (which is especially important at this time of the year. You really need dried sage, I like white sage.

3. Put some essential oil in the diffuser

In the past I would have said to light some incense but there is more and more to suggest this creates indoor pollution and the less we have of that, the better, right? I have signed up to DoTERRA in the past year and it’s truly amazing. The high vibes of these oils knocks me out. My current favourites are Patchouli, Frankincense and Whisper. If you want to try it out, click Join & Save on this page.

4. Grab something to write on

An exercise books is perfect if you have one, or just a sheet of paper and a pen

5. Grab a deck of oracle cards

My Moonology Oracle cards, if you have them! But any high vibe oracle cards will do. I would say avoid traditional tarot, as you want really calm card for this ritual. The last thing you want to do is get into this zone and then when it comes to picking a card get the 3 or 10 of Swords, for example! Even if there are learnings and warnings for you, you want something which will gently warn you without messing with and jarring your energy field

6. Unfurl your yoga mat if you have one.

The idea is to demarcate your space. A yoga mat is perfect for doing this. Also if you have been doing yoga on your mat, it will have absorbed the good vibes. If you don’t find a space on the floor where you can sit cross-legged, preferably on a rug or bathmat. The idea is to create a sacred space

7. Light a candle and grab a little bowl

The candle will aid the mood and lift the vibe and the bowl is because we are going to burn a little something… but if you don’t have a candle, you can just rip it up!

8. Breathe in some essential oil

As well as putting the essential oil into the diffuser, I drop literally one or two drops onto my palms, rub together and inhale gently. I feel like it sort of takes me to another place!

9. Do some floor yoga

If you don’t know any floor yoga poses, just stretch your arms up and down and left and right, lean forwards and sideways and stretch your legs a little. Go slowly and methodically and thank your body for its service!

10. Sit quietly

This is the easy bit – but also the hardest. Sit quietly and just breathe. Think about the past year. Process it. If you have a diary or you keep a blog, scroll through and remind yourself of what happened.

11. Make some notes

Start with what you’re releasing from 2019 (you can still do this in 2020!) Write down what you want to release from the past year. See who you need to forgive and send them forgiving vibes. Consider the idea that what happened happened so you could learn some lessons. Thank them for the lessons. Declare you’re moving on. Then? You guessed it. Burn the list. If you don’t have a candle as a burner, you can just rip the list up!

12. Make some better notes

– On another sheet of paper, note down your highlights. Think about all that you’re grateful for. Spend some time indulging in lovely memories and contemplating how blessed you are

13. some more notes

Write down your aims and plans for 2020. You know how to do that. Write it down. Visualise it in your mind’s eye. Feel it as real. Feel it in your body. Feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Feel how happy you will be when this happens. Then with your hand on your heart chakra, declare “this or something better now manifests for me, under grace in perfect ways!” and throw your hand out as far away from your body as you can get it!

14. And just b-r-e-a-t-h-e…

Allow your body to integrate what you have just done… you are a magical creature and you’re creating magic

15. Spread your oracle cards out in front of you (if you have some)

Ask for a message that you need now, and with your left hand, draw a single card. Think about its meaning. Write something down about it. What does it say to you? Is it good news? Reassuring? Does it relate to your wishes for the new year?

16. And just b-r-e-a-t-h-e

With your hands in prayer position, thank the Universe for all the blessings in your life …

And that’s it. Have an amazing 2020.

I hope you’ll try this love!

Always remember I love you! It’s unconditional between you and me. 🥰

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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