Hello Love!

As much as I have tried to get in to a regular pattern of writing, life gets in the way! Don’t you love when that happens? As we say in NYC, whatayougonnado? Might have a slight Brooklyn influence, not sure

First off, if you would be so kind, please pray for Pasquale Ciaramella. He’s in critical condition and needs your love and support. It would be greatly appreciated! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💜

Second, because I am a big believer in keeping it positive, I’d like to tell you about my weekend. 🤗😱😉 I was looking forward to a long weekend. Got home Friday night, (2 hours in traffic) went to the gym. My daughter calls me screaming, I can’t understand anything she’s saying. I wasn’t sure if she left the screen door to the balcony open and the cat went soaring 8 stories down or what. So I’m running down the block back home and come to discover that she squirted laundry detergent in her eye…(don’t ask). Not any laundry detergent, a Gain Pod with Oxi clean, Febreze and every other toxic chemical right in to her eye.

Rushed her to Urgent Care. They flushed her eye with a barbaric “contact lens” like thing attached to an IV tube- then we moved on to the ER.  4 Saline bags later…she still couldn’t see. We returned home at 4am.  I send love and blessings to all the nurses and doctors that helped us! God bless you all! Especially Cathy, who gave us her jacket after my daughter’s hoodie was soaked from the procedure. I have to do something really nice for this earth angel!

I didn’t google it…I knew it was bad. Really bad!  I prayed, I asked Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael to help. Was I scared? Hell yea! But, I did have faith and really truly felt it would work out. It did. It was a horrific weekend, but her eye is fine, the vision is 20/25…she just needs new glasses. She wants to be a surgeon. This experience will help her, help her patients.

You’re alerted to the extra importance of monitoring your thoughts. You have no neutral thoughts, and every one of them creates an effect in your life.  So you’re being asked to be vigilant in holding only positive thoughts, and every one of them creates an effect in your life.  So you’re being asked to be vigilant in holding only positive thoughts.

Most of us slip into negativity occasionally, and you may be no exception.  However, you can “undo” the effects of negative thinking by recognizing them, and stating: “I now cancel that thought, and replace it with the following positive affirmation of my true Divine desires.  “then list the situations and attributes that mirror your godliness and goddessliness.  During this important part of your life, you have the power to manifest your highest potential to the most rapid rate possible.

Try to keep it positive Love!

Angel Number 928: Your faith and focus on serving a purpose has put you in the flow of abundant Divine support.

I’ve come to realize there’s really no 1 LIFE PURPOSE.. you don’t need to sweat that Love. I’m a banker by day, Love spreader always. Shine your Light and know that every moment is a gift. None of us know how long we have on this planet, so treasure every moment. Give those you love a big hug, and know that I’m always hugging you!

I love you! It’s unconditional between you and me. 🥰

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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