Hello Love!

You’ve worked hard to make your current circumstances palatable, and now it’s time to look at alternatives. Your coping and adaptation skills are admirable; however, Archangel Michael reminds you that it’s important to be honest and authentic with yourself at all times. You don’t need to compromise in any way, for Michael assures you that your needs will be met in gentle loving ways.

Possible specific meanings:

  • Update your resume and look for another job.
  • Know that you won’t be alone if you leave an unhealthy relationship.
  • Find new ways to heal the present situation.
  • Research and explore your options.
  • Change the professional you work with (such as your doctor, therapist, lawyer and so forth).
  • Allow yourself to daydream about possibilities.
  • Remember that everything is possible!


Dear God, thank you for your wisdom and love, helping me see, understand, and assess all of my alternative options. Please guide me in the best direction for my health, happiness, and life’s purpose.

Is change on the horizon for you my friend? Need a little encouragement or a prayer?

Angel Number 213: The ascended masters, especially the goddesses, are helping you see this situation from a perspective of Divine love. The more you can see this situation through the eyes of love, the better the outcome.

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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