Hello Love!

Frog Spirit knows that while all the other frogs are croaking away, this is a time for you to simplify and declutter your life so you can feel content on your own lily pad.  Even when life isn’t creating a total cacophony, we can become drawn to the excitement of lots of noise.  Then, the next thing we know, our schedules and homes are cluttered with commitments we regret making and objects taking up valuable space.  Even relationships need decluttering, as they often become messy.

Frog Spirit appears to tell you to clean house- prioritize what you need, and get rid of or give away the rest, so you can have some space in your day in your head.  You don’t need the old stuff and its stories shouting at you about the past.  Along with physical clutter, friendships are sometimes kept long past their expiration date, weighing you down with unnecessary baggage.  Now is the time to let go.

Whatever you need will appear when you need it, so release your grip on all that clutter that is making you feel anxious and burdened. Frog Spirit wants you to reclaim your space unencumbered by shoulds, oughts, and could have beens. (Shudawudacuda as we say in NYC, Yes, it’s 1 word).

Protection message:

  • What’s weighing you down? Is it time for a spiritual and psychic cleansing?
  • Declutter your schedule and stop trying to do it all.
  • Let others manage their own baggage rather than allowing it to be dumped on you.

If something is no longer making you feel joyful, empowered, and excited, Frog Spirit is telling you to let it go and free yourself to leap forward into something new, trusting you will always have what you need.

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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