Hello Love!

How are you feeling tonight? A lot has been going on lately.  I feel it, you feel it, but sometimes we have to let it go and just be playful. I’ve loved sandpipers for as long as I can remember.  Please enjoy this short clip I recently captured of these lovely creatures:

Sandpipers are like cute little clowns, poking their beaks into the sand before darting off to chase the waves.  The appearance of Sandpiper Spirit is a sign that now is a time to engage your playfulness.  Whatever tasks you have before you, perform them with a lightness of being.  Explore the familiar, discovering the new in the old.  Who knows what treasures await you when you let yourself laugh and have fun? Sandpiper Spirit’s happy and curious nature can help you to feel rejuvenated as you remember your ability to run and fly and dance playfully.

When your heart is heavy and life seems to weigh you down, Sandpiper Spirit’s message is to lighten your burden by finding joy and humor in the everyday.  Become like a playful child, filled with curiosity and wonder, and soon you will find your own spirit lift.  A few minutes or hours of fun filled delight is exactly what you need now.  Enjoy the ridiculousness of life and be willing to jump in.  Let your inner goof out to express itself with abandon. 

Angel Number 71: You are on track with your desires and manifestations. Just stay positive and optimistic, and all of your dreams will be right there for you.

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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