Hello Love!

Happy Monday! I was talking to one of my most favorite human beings on the planet today. She is a wee bit overweight, and I’ve heard this before, but it pains me to know how deeply hurt she has been by society. Mostly the medical community. She feels ostracized by her weight which lead her to a life long pattern of putting off seeing the doctor.

Are you a bit overweight or otherwise feeling unworthy in any aspect of your life?

This situation calls for uplifting thoughts, which are the magic ingredients you’ve been looking for.  Although you may protest that you already have a positive mind-set, Archangel Michael advises you to purge your thoughts and speech of any worries or other negativity that could diminish your manifestations.  Michael says that you can tell how constructive your thoughts are by paying attention to recent events in your life, as there is a direct correlation between positive thoughts and positive results.  He’ll help buoy your spirits to a truly beneficial level so that your experiences are happy and welcome.

Possible specific meanings:

  • Adopt a daily (or hourly) practice of saying positive affirmations.
  • Read a book or take a class on positive affirmations.
  • Avoid blaming yourself or others- instead, focus on solutions.
  • Rather than worrying about something, pray and practice a loving compassionate state of mind.


Divine love and wisdom, I call upon you now.  I know that my mind and emotions are eternally and continuously connected to you.  I ask my Higher Self to be aware and conscious of the love and light that is within every person and situation.

Angel Number 613: The ascended masters are helping you feel happy and peaceful regarding this situation.

For all of you that feel unworthy for whatever reason, know that I love you! We are all created from a brilliant spark of God’s Light and are equal on every level.  Whatever path you are on, whatever road you choose, we will all meet again some day and give each other a great big hug!

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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