Happy Friday Love!

We made it! This felt like the longest short week I’ve ever had. School’s back in session, the summer’s coming to an end and it’s finally cooling down a wee bit in my neck of the woods.  This energy is still quite intense for me, how about for you?  I’ve been extremely tired lately, as well.  Even though I go to sleep earlier, I wake up exhausted.  Hopefully in the very near future things will change.

I keep saying that I feel a big shift coming.  Last night, I met up with a very dear and incredibly unenlightened friend. I use this term with a lot of love and absolutely no judgement. We met in our mid 20’s and have remained friends to this day. This individual happens to have the same birthday as me and could access a plethora of spiritual gifts, but chooses not to.  She is extremely shrewd in business and naturally intuitive. She has zero interest in any of my new found gifts, so we just don’t discuss them.  I think it’s completely acceptable if your friends/family are neutral about your spiritual journey.  As I mentioned the other day, we can’t drag everyone kicking and screaming on our path, because they have their own path; but it is not ok if they judge you.

Anyway, we had an extremely heartfelt conversation about her current situation. I was flabbergasted. This is the first time she has ever been that open with me about her feelings.  You know how when we say, “When Hell freezes over..etc.” while I was listening to her pour out her feelings, I said to myself, “Yes! The shift is most definitely coming!”

Trust your feelings about this situation, because they are accurate and valid.  Let go of self-doubt, even in the face of others’ opinions.  Your spiritual sensitivity has helped you see the truth.  Although it may be easier to go along with the crowd, or to shrink into apathy, you’re called upon to take decisive action. You already know what to do.  Even if people aren’t supporting you, know that Spirit is.  Other people will soon come around to your point of view.  In the meantime, assume a leadership role.

Additional meanings:

  • Trust your intuition and gut feelings.
  • Ignore critics, naysayers, or skeptics.
  • Avoid situations or relationships that don’t feel right to you.
  • Only you know what is correct.

Horus is the Egyptian falcon-headed sky and sun god whose parents were Osiris and Isis. He was conceived after his mother brought his father back from the dead, with the help of the son god, Ra.  One of Horus’s eyes was injured during a battle of revenge for his father’s death.  This is why Horus is represented with one large and clear seeing eye.  You can call upon Horus for help with spiritual or physical sight, including insight into the truth about situations.

Angel Number 300: The ascended masters and God support, surround, protect, and love you unconditionally…now and always!

As do I Love! I’m always here for you!

And as my other friend Chaka always says, “You betta come CORRECT” (a wee shout out to my roots, growing up in the “hood”).

Translated this means:  Show up to any situation ready to interact in a respectful way.

Honestly, if we all saw each other as interconnected, we could avoid a lot of ugliness. This is my hope for us in the future. I wrote about this a bit ago, if you wish to read it, it’s in this link:

Light Footprints

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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