Hello Love!

How are you holding up with these intense energies? Not only have we been slammed energetically, but it’s hot as blazes! It feels like everything’s calming down a bit now though. I felt guided to grab my soul SiStar Chaka and spread our Light through Central Park today.  I know when we do this, (we are located in the center of NYC) it sets off a chain reaction of Light to the entire island of Manhattan and beyond.  I hope you felt it today!

It was sent to you with infinite Love and Blessings! I circled and circled around this incredibly tall structure to get a full view of Cleopatra’s needle until I finally realized there was a path (unkempt as it was) that allowed me to give you a wee view of the magnificent park and trees and then the full view of the Obelisk.  My Soul SiStar Chaka was in the shade (she’s a delicate flower) munching on watermelon spears to stay cool and sending her love.

Central Park is so magnificent, it should definitely be on your bucket list.  In the interim, I will post videos until you get here!

I happened to listen to Molly McCord’s podcast on my way to work this morning.  I think you may find this one quite comforting as well as informative. You can access it through this link:

Weekly Healing Astrology and Intuitive Messages of Sept 3

If you fancy astrology, you will find it particularly interesting. Molly is a natural and truly gifted in the art of deconstructing complicated topics and making them extremely relatable. I discovered her in 2012 and binge listened to her podcasts.

As Light Workers this energy can be demanding and exhausting.  Molly quoted Anne Lamott and it rang so very true for me today.


Just Stand there shining my fellow Light Workers! There’s no longer a need to hold the Light for those you thought you could save or help or drag kicking and screaming. Let them go my Brothers and SiStars. They are sovereign beings, just as we are. They have the choice to live as they will.

Chaka brought up a good point today.  There is no NEW information for Light Workers. I’m going to find that information for us. If you have any, please share in the comment section.

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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