Hello Love!

I can’t believe the summer is almost over! It seems like just moments ago I longed for the warm weather and now faced with consecutive 100 degree days I look forward to the cool breezes of autumn.  I have always loved the changing seasons of New York, but perhaps we could speed it up a wee bit this year?

I don’t know about you Love, but many people I’ve spoken to lately are dealing with exhaustion, excess weight gain and/or bloating, headaches and general aches and pains. Oftentimes we experience these symptoms right before a major shift.

I have been waking up every morning at 3am and 5am no matter what time I go to sleep.  We’re processing a lot of energy right now, so stay focussed and positive, that’s the key!

This situation calls for uplifting thoughts, which are the magic ingredients you’ve been looking for.  Although you may protest that you already have a positive mind-set, Archangel Michael advises you to purge your thoughts and speech of any worries or other negativity that could diminish your manifestations.  Michael says that you can tell how constructive your thoughts are by paying attention to recent events in your life, as there is a direct correlation between positive thoughts and positive results.  He’ll help buoy your spirits to a truly beneficial level so that your experiences are happy and welcome.

After being on vacation for 2 weeks, I was sort of dreading coming back home. I spent real quality time with family and friends in places that seem much kinder and gentler than NYC.  I don’t know about you, but every time I travel, I dream of living where I vacation- full time. How I’d love to see deer in my yard as I pulled up, a sailboat waiting for adventures or a sandy beach backyard to walk the stress away on.

Or a loving pitbull to greet me and flocks of pelicans flying overhead.

Hot boiled peanuts? Not so much! Forgive me if you love these, but I just couldn’t wrap my tastebuds around them.


It’s like edamame gone wrong.  I’d love to hear from you if you have a different take on them. I even tried the Cajun flavor, but it’s just like a mushy bean. My cousin recently informed me that peanuts are actually legumes. I take great pride in my bean recipes and no one should do that to a peanut. Peanuts are great on their own and in peanut butter. I almost feel like I need to defend the peanut/legume, but that’s for another day.

Possible specific meanings:

  • Adopt a daily (or hourly) practice of saying positive affirmations.
  • Read a book or take a class on positive affirmations.
  • Avoid blaming yourself or others- instead, focus on solutions.
  • Rather than worrying about something, pray and practice a loving compassionate state of mind.


Divine love and wisdom, I call upon you now.  I know that my mind and emotions are eternally and continuously connected to you.  I ask my Higher Self to be aware and conscious of the love and light that is within every person and situation.

Angel Number 655: The big changes that you’re going through will bring great blessings into your life, and will ultimately mean that your life gets easier. 

Woo hoo! That’s what I’m talking about! I like this Angel Number, we could all use a break and I feel it coming very soon!

I really do feel change is coming in the very near future. Stay positive Love, and comment! Let’s interact!

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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