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As soon as you look into the eyes of these beauties your soul will sing a song as you remember times long ago that you stood and spoke your heart felt prayers in front of Holy Mother and Child, asking for healing and blessings for so many that did not have a voice. These beautiful Mother and Child stones yearn to be held and touched, like the touch of a mother, the child within seeks comfort. No matter how old we are we always call for our mommies!  This stone is the holy mother within all of us, reaching for the holy child within. Reassuring and soothing the child’s soul that all is well, and they are truly loved.

These beautiful carved pieces also patron a deep healing for both human mother and human child. So much pain has endured thru families or lack of them, time after time. Each parent and child did the best they could to protect and survive, which often times did not work out. Life demanded hard hearted choices, which now come to the surface in this watery summer month to be cleansed and healed. Like a Mother that seeks to baptize and protect the child in holiness, this layer of the heart seeks to be healed, without exceptions.

This gentle carved Onyx is filled with waves of light. Onyx is said to give support in difficult and perplexing circumstances. This unpretentious stone is a rescuer during times of massive mental, emotional and physical stress. It permeates your energy field allowing you to swim into the future seeing visions of the future yet to be formed. This stone is excellent for visualization, imagination, dream-work, and guided energy. It enhances and mirrors feelings allowing for divine communications.

Onyx amplifies economic strength and the ability to stay focused. It helps the self-employed achieve self-assurance and fortitude. Onyx can lessen symptoms of headaches with its coolness and is used to strengthen the optic nerves.

This stone connects the base chakra with the electromagnetic energy of the Earth. This is an excellent stone for past life work, healing old injuries and physical traumas that are still affecting you in the now. This stone promotes the feeling of being hidden from evil and protected by the Light. It instills a feeling of being watched over by the Angels.

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