Hello Love!

Gabriel wishes you to know that many blessings are sent to you from the angelic kingdoms.  Simply yield to this, don’t resist, just let go.  The joy and love you will receive, as flow directly from the Source, will surpass anything else you may experience.  These feelings are the virtues that will always be received in the holy instant of benediction.  The Angels’ service is to be a loving conduit for the Divine, lifting away any challenge you may experience  Fear makes us unaware of the Angels.  Surender the grip of fear and your blessings will accrue.  Say a prayer like Hail Mary, Full of Grace as a song to the the Divine Feminine illuminating the nature of your connection with the Holy Ones.

Angel Number 144:  The angels are urging you to keep your thoughts positive, as your optimism attracts the highest good.  Ask the angels for help with releasing fears, and it is done.  Yes, the changes you’re considering making are Divinely guided. You can deal with these issues confidently, knowing that the angels are helping you all along the way.

Crystals used for this reading:  Blue Agate, Pachamama, Lemurian Lithium, Rose Quartz check them out here: Crystal Love Gallery

I heard Let It Be by the Beatles the other day and I thought it was quite appropriate for our latest explorations. I always thought Paul was referring to Mother Mary, but he’s referencing his experience with his Mum, named Mary coming to him in a dream after death.  I love this song even more knowing this. The Beatles – Let It Be

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Les deseo muchas bendiciones

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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