Welcome back! Forgive me for taking so long to post Part 2. Thank you to those of you who messaged me and I hope you found the information comforting and/or helpful.  For those of you just joining, you can read Life Beyond Death Part 1 here.

So back to our deceased addict. Much to my dismay, this gentleman came to visit me several times over the next few months.  I can’t say I was thrilled to speak to him, but he seemed lost. And as they say, everything happens for a reason.  I prefaced the fact that I’m not a therapist in Part 1; however, I was a bartender. So I channeled my patient, empathetic, good listening skills to hear this guy out.

Boy, did he have a lot to say! I wanted to tell him to “Go to the Light”, but I think that only works in the movies! I had visitations from many others during the same time period and there was a contradictory feel in the energy.  The departed loved ones that had been transitioned for awhile, had a much lighter energy.  His was extremely heavy and exhausting.  Most likely, quite similar to how he was when he was alive. I mean, as an addict, your life is probably quite difficult on a minute to minute basis.

It wasn’t because he was in Hell, or even Limbo, it was just that he was lost and confused within a reality that he created for himself on the other side. The more we talked (or more correctly, he rambled on and I listened) the more at peace he became.  A good bartender never judges, we just listen.  I believe he kept visiting me, because he wasn’t able to partake in the healing and love that was waiting for him on the other side. I got it, because as an addict he felt so unworthy of help.  Eventually, he came to terms with his actions and was able to allow his “team” to comfort him. I equate it to a sort of rehab in the after life.

He came back to visit me about 18 months after our first encounter to tell me he was doing well.  I told him I was very happy for him (and I truly was)! I’ve never heard from him since.

I’d like to convey my perception from various conversations with departed loved ones, and that is, there’s no Hell people! We all do the best we can at the time. Our 35-year-old self makes different decisions than our 5-year-old self and so on. We live, we love, we hurt people, we get hurt and a bunch of other stuff before we die.  It’s all good!

The main messages I get from departed loved ones are that they are trying so very desperately to reach you and they want to say:

  • I love you!
  • I’m watching out for you!
  • You will most definitely see me again!
  • Did you feel that? Yes! That was me!!!!!
  • Did you hear that? Yes! That was me!!!!
  • Ask me to send you a sign; because I hear you and I will send it!
  • Yes! I am communicating with you in your dreams because that’s the only way your stubborn brain will accept me!

They send messages to you in simple ways; pay attention you will notice them!

  • butterflies
  • feathers
  • pennies
  • birds
  • rainbows
  • cloud formations

Oh, and I just love, love, luv this one! Some random person will just drop a pearl of wisdom on you out of nowhere. Yup! That’s either your loved one or your angels.

I truly hope that you will be comforted in the fact that you will see your loved ones again. They are most definitely trying to contact you on a daily basis and you are loved!

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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