Hello love!

I’ve been a wee bit busy, but I’m back now! I’ve missed you and I really hope that you’re enjoying the summer so far.  During this busy time, I’ve noticed the importance of asking for and receiving help.  It has always been extremely difficult for me to ask for help.  It isn’t much easier now, but the shift came for me in accepting help. When people offer to help me now, I gratefully accept. Remember, help is just assistance to somehow lighten your load.  If a loved one offers to help with some chores, yet they don’t carry out the task exactly as you would, let it go.  Be happy for one less thing “to do” on your plate.

There’s a person who can help you reach your desired outcome.  You’ve probably already thought of whom this person might be.  Or, it could be a new person coming into your life whom you’ll soon meet.

Be open to receiving help from others.  Strong people learn the importance of delegating and working as a team, and this may be a time for you to learn these vital life lessons.  So, be sure to voice your needs and ask for assistance.  With the help of others, you’re more able to manifest your Divine purpose and desires.

“Someone wants to help you.  Think of whom that might be, and initiate contact.”

Angel Number 470:  Your spiritual devotion and practices have put you on a very healthy pathway.  You’re exactly where you need to be right now.

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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