Greetings Love!

The Romance Angels send you this message to help you notice the unhealthy or disconcerting parts of your relationship.  If you are swept up in a new romance, this message serves as a cautionary warning. Pay attention to your feelings and impressions with regard to your new suitor.  Don’t allow emotion to blind you to characteristics or habits that wont work for you in a relationship.

A “red-flag” is a sign that something is off.  It can include an indication of dishonest, disrespect, flirtatiousness with others, substance abuse, or lack of integrity.  While your new love interest may treat you wonderfully well in the beginning of your relationship, it’s vital that you watch how he or she treats others.  Someone’s basic character is revealed by the way in which he or she talks and acts with restaurant staff, valet parking attendants, and other miscellaneous individuals.

If you’re in an existing relationship, these red flags may signal a need for an honest mutual discussion, or couples counseling.  This message doesn’t necessarily guide you to leave a relationship.  Red flags can be markers along the path of healing.  The Romance Angels will guide you to take steps that are healthy for everyone involved, so do follow your intuition.

That is the key here Love Advocates, don’t ignore the signs.  We are raised to want the “happily ever after” ending, but that should’t mean sacrificing yourself in the process.  Love is a two way street and requires constant honest and open communication. One of the best life lessons I’ve learned is from our beloved sister, Dr. Maya Angelou.  She said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them. ”  It’s interesting, because in my
a9116ef1-dd54-4757-a787-8e69b092fdd1-2729-000001b6123d223c-1very analytical mind, I’ve changed the quote to be, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”  That works for me, because quite honestly, how many times must someone show you who they are? I’ll tell you how many times, one!

But, in my “former” world, it was unlimited.  I would make excuses and find a million reasons why they behaved in a certain way. Until one day a friend pointed out that I grew up the same way and had the same hardships certain people did and chose a different path.

So here’s my thought for the evening. I STILL see the best in everyone, I just can’t help myself.  I don’t see this as a personality flaw, although I can be quite annoying to those in my inner circle who don’t feel the same. What I have learned is that you must set boundaries. Set boundaries, not to keep people out, but to only let people in that deserve to bask in your awesome energy!

I use this intention every day, which I learned from Jennifer Hoffman awhile ago:

Everyone in my life loves honors and respects me and everything in my life is a source of love, peace and joy. 

(I actually set it up in my reminders on my phone so it pops up every morning.)

Please love and value yourself every day, do not compromise! There is only one You!

I’ll leave you with my all time favorite quote, because I love you so!


With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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