Hello love,

Archangel Michael wants to reassure you that God is in charge and taking care of all the details.  Give any worries to God, and stop struggling against the flow.  There’s a natural course that this situation is taking, and it’s important to trust that things are going in the right direction… because they are.

Possible specific meanings:

  • Ask for help, and allow yourself to receive it when it’s offered.
  • Your prayers have been heard and answered.
  • A miraculous solution is already in the works.
  • Enjoy your life, because God is taking care of any apparent problems.


Dear God, please help me let go of this situation, giving it in faith and trust to your Divine wisdom and infinite love in order to resolve and heal everything and everyone involved.

Angel Number 724: The angels ask you to trust and “keep the faith”, because everything about this situation is resolving and healing.

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Angel Card Reading God is in Charge Archangel Michael

  1. Hi my name is Danny. I had a tarot card reading from a woman yesterday and it was totally bang on and she ended it with an angel card and I got Archangel Michael – God is in charge.
    I do struggle to let go of that which is killing me… Smoking!
    Somehow I have to trust and believe that by letting go/letting God, I will be ok and my physical and mental health will get better and that I can have the best in life.
    I need to trust and believe!


    1. Hello Danny,
      You are not alone in this struggle, I myself quit smoking 20 years ago. You have much to gain and nothing to lose by letting go of this habit. May you find strength with God and the angels to to improve this aspect of your life.
      Love & blessings,


      1. Thank you so much and yes I agree… ALL of the best is yet to come!
        Thanks again, you’re such a sweetheart 💙


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