Hello Love!

Archangel Michael has heard your pleas for help, and his answer comes to you through this message: Leave!  You’ve been enduring a toxic situation for far too long, investing time and energy that isn’t yielding healthful results.  This experience isn’t beneficial for you or the other people involved. You don’t need to remain in negativity, beloved one.  Walk away without guilt or hesitation.

The angels will assist you to ensure that the parting is as harmonious as possible, and Archangel Michael will shield and protect you.  Follow your inner guidance every step of the way and the transition will be smooth.

Possible specific meanings: 

  • Apply for a new job.
  • Detoxify from alcohol, cigarettes, or other drugs (vaping included).
  • See a relationship counselor.
  • Speak honestly to someone with whom you’re having difficulties.
  • Eat a more healthful diet.
  • Get a second medical opinion.
  • Consult a divorce attorney.
  • Move to a new home.
  • Make sure that your environment is free of chemicals and toxins.


Archangel Michael, what parts of my life do I need to focus on more closely right now?  Thank you for helping me hear your answers and for giving me the courage to make healthy changes.

If you choose to use this prayer and wish to hear your brother Archangel Michael’s guidance, try breathing in through the nose & out through the mouth three times to calm and center yourself then ask your question. In this space, you will hear his guidance.

We always have the answers Love, we’re just not always ready to listen.

Please don’t stay in an unhealthy situation. This message isn’t for everyone, but if you’re reading this and you need more clarification, message me.

Always know that you are Loved and You Will get through this!

Angel Number 744: You have a clear connection with the angels, and as a result, you’re following very accurate intuitive guidance.

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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