Greetings Love!

Archangel Michael is sending you a message, asking you to go outside and connect with nature. The fresh air will help you hear the voice of the Divine more readily and clearly, and the natural setting will relax and ease your body and mind.  All of these factors reduce stress and worry, which will enable you to attract and manifest at higher levels.  Think of going outside as an investment that pays huge dividends in all ways!

Possible specific meanings: 

  • Take a spiritually based journey to a Power Place.
  • Learn a new outdoor hobby.
  • Get more exercise.
  • Go camping or hiking.
  • Take up nature photography.
  • Make sure your home is conducive to healthful living by detoxifying it and applying feng-shui principles.
  • Keep plants and other natural items in your home or office.
  • Your life’s purpose involves environmentalism and/or animal-rights issues.
  • Open your windows to allow fresh air into your home or office.


Thank you for motivating me to spend more time outdoors and for helping me relax and enjoy connecting with nature.

Angel number 251: You are steering the wheel of your life right now. It’s essential that you stay positive about the changes you’re making or considering, as that determines your destination.

With much love & many blessings,


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