Hello Love Advocates,

Archangel Michael has heard your prayers, and he’s guiding you in the direction in which you were born to go.  You already have ideas about a career that would bring you joy, excitement, opportunities to help, and financial security; and these thoughts are indicators of your Divine purpose.  You’re meant to be engaged in work that brings you and others happiness.

This message is validation that the career you’re dreaming about is your life’s purpose.  As such, the universe will support and open doors for you.  Move forward confidently!

Possible specific meanings:

  • Your current situation offers clues about the next step to take on your path- follow your true feelings.
  • Angels are watching over your business and finances.


Archangel Michael, you know the details of my Divine life purpose, and I ask you to help me be aligned with my goals.  Please clearly guide my actions so that I’m taking the best steps to fully manifest my wonderful and meaningful career.

Angel Number 373: Your are moving in the right direction, and are accompanied by powerful and loving ascended masters.

With much love and many blessings,


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