Hello Love Advocates!

Have you been feeling creative lately? I sure have. Not that I’ve actually done anything with that information, but it’s on the back burner. The reason I share my procrastination with you is to let you know that everything happens in good time. Be gentle with yourself.

The fairies sing, dance and make beautiful decorations as a way of expressing their heart’s joyful energy.  You, too, are urged to create an outlet for creative expression.  Anything artistic or creative will make your heart sing with joy, and will allow you to get in touch with your true inner feelings and divine guidance.  Painting, flower arranging, photography, sand or snow sculpting, writing, or composing songs are wonderful examples.

Your creative expression doesn’t need to be skillful or perfect.  In fact, the most therapeutic types of creative activities allow you to “paint outside the lines.” In other words, don’t worry whether your creative project is perfect or marketable. Let go of all goals and judgments, and instead, create with childlike exuberance. Enjoy!

Affirmation: I am a highly creative and artistic person. I now allow this side of myself to be expressed.

If you’re reading this, something creative is definitely brewing inside of you. I’m so excited for you!

Angel Number: 395 Your inner guidance is accurately guiding you to make important life changes that will put you on the path of your Divine life mission. 

With much love and many blessings,


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