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This message indicates a twin-flame relationship, which is the deepest form of romantic love.  To form such a partnership, you must follow your inner guidance, learn personal-growth lessons, and have patience with Divine timing.  Once twin flames find each other, everything in their life reaches new heights of love and light.

Additional meanings:

  • The person that you’re inquiring about is your soul mate or twin flame.
  • You will soon be with your twin flame.
  • Keep your heart open, stay positive, and follow your guidance to manifest your prayers about your love life.

Who is Aengus? (pronounced an-gus)

Aengus is a Celtic god who helps soul mates and twin flames meet and enjoy harmonious relationships.  (A twin flame is an even closer and more eternal version of a soul-mate relationship).  He helps lovers resolve arguments with his magical harp music and healing kisses.  When Aengus first saw a beautiful maiden named Caer, he fell deeply in love.  Aengus followed Caer until he found her bound to swans by silver chains.  Aengus transformed himself into a swan so that he’d be bound to his twin flame.  Call upon Aengus to meet your soul mate or twin flame, and to resolve quarrels in love relationships.

Angel Number: 137 You’ve done it! Your prayers and visualizations have put you on the right path.  Just keep following your guidance and keep affirming a positive outcome.

With much love and many blessings,


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