I recently acquired this Green Aventurine in Bath. It has a very specific healing energy. I also like the thumb stone shape, it’s soothing to hold. Do you have any thumb stones? If not, I suggest you get some in the crystal of your choice. It’s like an adult blankie or luvy or whatever you referred to as a comfort item as a child in your neck of the woods.

Green Aventurine is linked with the solar plexus chakra. Oftentimes, negative emotions become trapped in the lower abdominal region. Use it to release trapped emotions and encourage feelings of well-being and a more positive outlook on the situation.

It can ease anxiety or panic attacks, help one make more heart based decisions and possibly give you a wee bit of courage by helping you believe in yourself and your special abilities. If you suffer from anxiety, which so many people do today, the thumb stone would be a great tool for you.  Remember, crystals are here to work with us. If your crystal ever breaks, don’t fret, it has done it’s job!

It can be used to help vision and may promote psychic dreams which may bring you more clarity regarding a particular situation.

Green Aventurine also protects the aura from energy vampires. If you feel you are surrounded by people who constantly suck the life out of you, either emotionally or energetically, get a pendant necklace or keep one in your pocket. It’s like crystal garlic! 😉

It also assists with neutralizing electromagnetic pollution. Smoky Quartz and Sodalite also help with unwanted emissions from cell phones and electronics.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I’m always here for you Love Advocates!

Your crystal fairy,


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