Happy Monday Love Advocates!

I hope you had a nice day. Going back to work after vacation was very interesting for me today.  I had a TON of work to mill through (was hoping it would be gone when I got back, NOT!). 😩

But I had my secret weapon.  Before I went in, I set my intention and everything went well.

Intention:  Everyone in my life loves, honors and respects me and everything in my life is a source of love, peace and joy. 

The work didn’t disappear, but I got to catch up with my favorite friend/co-worker (whom I cherish) and the day just seemed to flow.

I pulled a card from my new deck for you tonight.  I’m actually really excited about the Fae. I was trying to ease in to them…but that’s not what they want. It’s a take them or leave them sort of vibe.

Brigid speaks:

“We are the fae, and the dragon.  We are the blood of the ancients and the blood of the star-seekers, woven till indivisble, yet each strand working its magick. We are enchanted and practical. We are mothers, daughters, fathers and sons. You are the wise woman, the crone, the hag, the maiden,the light-footed innocent, the courageous mother bringing forth life from her womb. We are born into blood, and this blood within us is of our ancestors.  Our ancestors know that our bloods have mingled many times and that those of us who seek to distinguish ourselves from each other know not the truth.  I am One.  You are Me.  I am You. We are One. That is the truth of the nature wihtin you. Find the magick of the knowing  Find that which you fear and know it within your own blood and heartbeat.  For that is the way to conquer all fear, all ignorance and all separation from the Mother.  You are Her. She is You. And she is within you and will remain with you forever.  There is nothing beyone her, and to deny her now is to deny what you are.

I am Dragon. I am Fae.  I am Goddess.  I am human. I am all there is, and there is all in me – just as there is all in you.  See this, and cease to seek separation.”

About Brigid:

Brigid is the great Irish Celtic triple Goddess, mother of all, Goddess of the forge, of birth, of the hearth and home, and of sacred wells and waters.  Transformed by the Church into a Christian Saint, she pre-dates her Saint counterpart by some 4,000 years.  She is a well of kindness and strength, the patroness of those who are going through any form of struggle to be born into another time in their lives. She carries a sword and knows that this time will be eased if you hold onto hope, and understand that this is an experience that all beings endure…but it will not last.  So do not struggle, because the light is in sight and it will be warm and safe and good very soon, and you will be better off for having known the hardship you are currently experiencing.

Divinatory meanings:

Finding the common areas between yourself and another very different person. Understanding aging is a part of the human process.  Moving beyond conditioned fears. Understanding the truth of the other, having compassion and respect for difference, understanding of soul truths, great love.  Women having children and mother issues all come up when this card makes her gracious presence felt.

Working with Brigid:

Work with candles, flames and keep the light going in your life.  Reduce the artificial light in your life and increase the sun and moonlight, the starlight, the light from flame and candlelight.  Be sure to strive for justice, as Brigid ensures that what is right and fair will indeed take place.  Make an offering at a waterway (the sea, a well, a lake or a river..)

I hope you enjoy this new insight. I was a wee bit apprehensive at first, but the messages are pure.

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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