Happy Friday Love Advocates!

Take a break from your harried schedule.  Soaking or swimming in salty water creates a magical electrical energy shift in your body. The salt draws out emotional and physical toxins. Wow! It’s been a long and tiring week for me, how about you?

Purchase sea salt from your local health food store’s spice section, and pour lots of the salt and fragrant essential oils into your warm bathwater.  Be sure to immerse your chest and heart chakra under water as you soak in the tub in order to release toxic emotions.

Burn a white candle near your bathtub.  As you look at the flickering light, think about what you want.  The white, candlelight amplifies your thoughts and feelings, so think about your desires and not your fears.  Let the saltwater wash away any doubts that could block your manifestation.  Ask the candle to illuminate your mind with faith and positive expectations.  Enjoy the relaxation time, and have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered.

Angel number 52: Have faith that the changes you’re considering or experiencing are for the best.

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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