Happy Monday Love Advocates!

I must say, I’ve been very blessed in the friendship area. This guy in my featured photo has been my friend for 36 years! I have another dear friend from High School who I’ve been in random contact with, but we just reconnected. Have we kept in constant contact, no! Did we pick up where we left off, yes!

Do you have friends like that? I hope you do (or will)! My point, is that if you have common core values and a soul connection with people, the tie will never end. If you don’t, you need to let those “friends” go. We’ll work on finding new friends together.

Online contact is wonderful, but it doesn’t supersede real connection.

I will list a few of my beautiful group of friends with initials to protect their identity 😜.


If you have REAL friends that you can count on one hand, you are SO very blessed!

I’d love to hear your story! Please write to me!

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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