Greetings Love Advocates!

Are you true to yourself? I was pondering this today. I am today, but there have been times when I was not.

Why is this a problem? Because when you are not yourself, you are not living authentically and you are hurting your Soul.

What is your Soul? Well, that’s a question for you to answer personally, but my understanding of the Soul is your “core” being,  your “Higher Self”, your God spark. It’s the essence that makes you, You!

I believe we all came here to spread our love. If things aren’t gong your way, it’s most likely because you are out of alignment with your Soul’s purpose. You’ll get a gentle nudging, or not. You may get fired from your job, your significant other may leave you or worse, you might experience health issues you need to overcome.

View this as an opportunity for growth.

Know that if you focus on yourself, and what you’re here to do, the answers will come to you!

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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Photo credit: P.Darsan

2 thoughts on “Be Yourself! Everyone else is already taken. Oscar Wilde

  1. Hi, I believe that your soul is the strength that guides you in love, peace and your happiness. It allows you to embrace all in life.

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