Greetings Love Advocates,

If you had off today, I hope you enjoyed it and if you didn’t, I’m sending love and blessings your way!

Monday seems like a good day to hear from the mermaids. Their message is Explore Your Options, “It’s time to look at other possibilities.  It’s a good time to make changes.” Do you like change? If you do, bless your heart! I used to fight it kicking and screaming myself.  I will post an article shortly about how I became an involuntary vegan. If you don’t like change, imagine how I felt when virtually overnight, I could no longer eat meat or dairy products. That’s not the worst change by far but I learned that sometimes change can be a good thing.  Anyway, enough about me, lets hear from the mermaids.

Sometimes we think, This is the way it is, and we don’t see other options. Heaven now asks you to question any situation that you think can’t be changed.

Take a moment and pretend that a magical mermaid has granted you three wishes.  You can have anything you want!  What will you wish for?  The truth is that most anything you desire is possible, and this message asks you to explore your options. At first, you might do so mentally- through day dreams and nighttime dreams.

Then it’s important to turn those possibilities into realities by breaking them into small goals that you can accomplish today.  When you explore new opportunities, the energy of the Universe begins flowing in the direction of your dreams.  Any step that you take- no matter how small- will help you see options that you may never have noticed before.

Just dip your toe in the water, try it out. Take baby steps and see where it leads you. You may be pleasantly surprised.

I always love to hear from you! Please leave your questions and comments here or on my Facebook page.

Sending much love and many blessings your way,

LP 💜

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