Divine timing is at work in your love life.

Your soul-mate relationship requires patience, as there are many factors involved.  Your soul mate’s freewill choices are beyond you or the angels’ control, as is the readiness of both of you for true love.  This message comes to you as a reminder that this relationship is worth waiting for.

Divine timing is a universal law that is always in operation.  It is the flow of everything.  If we try to impose our human will and force things to happen, we become out of sync with nature and experience blockages.  Similarly, if we fret, “When will I meet my soul mate?” we put “worry” energy out into the universe.

The Romance Angels have heard and answered your prayers for a soul mate, and they are working behind the scenes to bring this to you.  Your role is to listen to and follow your intuition, even if it seems unrelated to your desire.  Your intuition is like a guide dog, leading you along the path of answered prayers.  Follow your intuition and trust in the timing of the relationship.

In the interim I have a suggestion fellow Love Advocates. Fall in love with yourself! How can you do that, you ask? It’s so simple. Make a list of things you’d like to do with your “soul mate” and how you’d feel doing them.

For example:

  • Someone to complement me (Look in the mirror and tell yourself how awesome you are every morning)!
  • Someone to travel with (book short trips on your own or plan big “fantasy” trips online knowing that your travel partner will show up). As you discuss the trip with your friends, perhaps you’ll end up travelling with them and meet him/her or imagine this…just have fun with the friends that wanted to travel as well!

You get the idea!

You don’t need anyone to complete you Love Advocates.  You are completely LOVED, just as you are! You have made mistakes, you have done things you can’t change. We all have. Know that you deserve Love as we all do.

It’s nice to have a companion, but not necessary. If love shows up for you, that’s awesome! But if it’s not showing up right now, please love yourself as I love you!

Sending you much love tonight!


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