Energy Healing                                                                                                                          Merlin

You have healing abilities that you can direct through your hands, thoughts, and heart. Send loving energy to elevate and heal this situation. You can clear the energy in a home, office, or vehicle as well. Your experiences with energy healing may be so powerful that you decide to conduct healing as a profession.

Additional meanings:

  • Take an energy-healing course such as Reiki, Qi Gong, Pranic Healing, or Healing Touch.
  • Your life purpose involves conducting energy healing.
  • Clear the space in your home or office through feng shui, burning sage, or other energy healing methods.
  • Send love to the situation or person.
  • Avoid situations, places, or relationships with harsh energy.
  • Everything is healing and will be ok.

No one knows for certain whether Merlin actually lived as a mortal man or not. What is agreed upon is that Merlin is the quintessential magician and sage-wizard archetype. He’s associated with King Arthur’s Camelot, Avalon and Glastonbury. He’s also considered to be an aspect of Hermès Trismegistus, the teacher of esoteric wisdom. Merlin is a powerful ascended master who helps spiritual teachers and healers focus their energies in beneficial ways.

I had never experienced this sort of “healing” until 2012.  I heard about Reiki healing from a friend.  My beloved cat was diagnosed with liver failure (of all things )and given just months to live.  I wanted to take an animal Reiki course to help her.  I found a woman locally that offered this training, but Reiki Level 1 was a prerequisite to her Animal Reiki course, so I signed up.

Looking back, I wonder why I just didn’t bring my cat for Reiki healing. That thought never even occurred to me! It’s quite odd actually that I would decide to take a course and then, even though the course I was interested in was not available, take the prerequisite for something I had never even heard of.

Sometimes we just need to “go with the flow” for lack of a better term.  Follow your thoughts, intuition and guidance.  I did, and it changed my life. I met people in Sheryl’s Reiki offerings that I never would have met in my “normal” life. Sheryl was very open with her own “Reiki” story and became a great source of comfort for me on my journey.

Miss Feral Kitty lived 4 years past her “expiration date” as my daughter calls it. I attribute this completely to Reiki and Feral’s will to live.

On a side note: Feral Kitty was the least feral cat of any I have encountered.  She was the sweetest, gentlest cat I have ever met.  She remained 6 lbs her entire life.

If you’re interested in Reiki and the amazing woman that helped change my life check out her website

Miss feral kitty

In loving memory of Miss Feral Kitty. You are missed every day my little lady!


With much love & many blessings,

LP 💜


You are completely surrounded, protected, loved, and guided by the benevolent ascended masters.

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