This message signals that your artistic talents are in need of creative expression. You have hidden talents that lie dormant. This trapped energy can make you feel tired, restless, anxious and can lead to addictions if the energy isn’t expressed. Even if your artistic abilities feel unpolished, they need an outlet. Make the time today to draw, paint, sing, play music, write, take photographs, make jewelry, sew, dance or do something artistic and creative. You may find the key to your life’s purpose and ideal career through this process.

Additional meanings:

  • Take a class to learn a new artistic skill.
  • One of your loved ones is an artist.
  • Express your true feelings.
  • Your life’s purpose involves an artistic endeavor such as writing or playing music.

Paul the Venetian was the Italian Renaissance artist Paolo Caliari. He moved to Venice (which is why he’s now called the Venetian) during the 1500s, where he painted religious murals and paintings. He was successfully able to defend himself against charges of blasphemy during the Inquisition for his artistic rendering of the Last Supper. You can call upon Paul the Venetian for help with freeing your artistic expression and creativity.

I truly believe that sometimes we wish to express ourselves but are held back by past life experiences.  If you believe in or are open to the possibility of reincarnation, this makes perfect sense of the inexplicable fears or apprehensions we have.

I traveled fearlessly when I was younger. I had a few bad flights and then after 9/11 (I’m a New Yorker) that was it for me.  I did fly “when necessary” for family emergencies, etc. but other than that, you could NOT get me on a plane. I’m not saying that this was past life related, but it’s definitely a possibility. In life I tend to take the bull by the horns so to speak.  This was out of character for me.

I always had a fear of heights and I never liked roller coasters but not flying was hindering my life. My daughter is the ultimate dare devil.  She embraces life to the fullest.  We took several road trips and ended up in Niagara Falls, Canada.  There, she experienced indoor Sky diving.  When I saw the expression on her face as she was lifted up, I thought, “this is living”!  I want me some of that! I was terrified, but I booked a trip to Mexico and took her to Xplor, a ridiculously high and VERY long zip line.

I had the most fun of my entire life! I would probably NOT do it again, but I’m so happy I did. Since then, I’ve been travelling via air, once again.

What is my point to all this? Break free of thoughts that are holding you back. Live your life and express yourselves my fellow love advocates.  You are safe!  Find your joy and your passion.

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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