Just like the great whales of the oceans deep, swimming in Mother Earth’s tears, you are asked to bring willpower to your life in order to achieve the possibility of glory. The ancient souls of these beautiful sea creatures bring them to the flow of the Universe: this reminds us that all is well in the divine matrix, and so take heart from their example.  If your will is not currently flowing for you, ask Hanael for loving assistance, and you will feel the ruby ray force flooding through you, giving you such strength of purpose and healing that you will once again feel clear to emit your magnificence in the world.

Chant Om three times for greater clarity.

Angels are thoughts of God who love for the sake of loving, and who assist through the service of grace.  They are not restricted by space of time, as their non-gendered power arises from quantum force and is ubiquitous, extending throughout the whole cosmos.  wherever they may be, they are helping whoever calls them to extend into the divine matrix of planet Earth.


With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

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