Archangel Michael sees that guilt is interfering with the happiness you seek.  You’re blaming yourself for something that’s in the past, but it’s time to let it go – especially since self-blame is unproductive and unhealthy.  In truth, you’ve done nothing wrong.  You were doing the best you could at the time.

Possible specific meanings: 

  • Think and speak lovingly about yourself.
  • Stop ruminating about the past.
  • Send blessings to those you’re angry with as a way of healing yourself and the situation.
  • Know that you can’t control other people’s feelings or reactions.
  • Join a support group.


I ask that you help me let go of self-blame and forgive myself.  Please guide me in releasing any toxic anger or fear toward others.  Thank you, Archangel Michael, for allowing me to feel centered and at peace.

This topic keeps resurfacing. I must admit, it’s a tough one. Do you believe the people in your life are doing the best they can?  Are you doing the best you can?

Let’s try to unpack this, shall we?

I’d like to begin with our beloved Louise Hay. If you’re not familiar with her, she overcame a great deal and went on to create a great legacy. This is one of her MANY very insightful and inspirational quotes:


How do you feel about this quote? I truly believe we’re all doing the best we can.  If you talked to your 18 year old self compared to your today self, would you make the same choices? Most likely not.

My daughter feels if this is the best people can do, it’s crappy.  Taking all that is going on in our society today and in our personal relationships, I can’t disagree with her view on this topic.  I have a lot more to write, but I’d love to hear from you first!

Please comment! I’d love to hear your insights!

Love and blessings,


4 thoughts on “Forgive Yourself: You’ve Done Nothing Wrong

    1. I had though time with my parents as I live with them due my unemployment.Sometimes is hard,because I am grown up ant they perceive me like I am a baby!
      But I love them so much and I do know they love me very much in their way too.
      We are doing the best we can in this situation!
      I am blessed to have them, I realized it now.
      Sending love to them as well at anyone who is reading this!
      We are indeed in life where we are supposed to be even sometimes is hard to believe.
      Hoping everyone could find peace in their heart and love and compassion to everyone including themselves.
      Love & Blessings


  1. Thank you LP!

    I didn’t come here to live in Eden. As a master I came here to expand, to grow and experience emotion! Conflict and drama create growth and the needed experiences.
    That’s the textbook answer 😉!
    It’s challenging but dropping our judgements and expectations help us to go with the flow, and expand.

    Thank you!
    Love n Blessings


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