Open Your Heart to Love                                       Jesus

Everything you desire and every prayer that you seek comes as a result of opening your heart to both sending and receiving love.  Your heart is the gateway of receptivity.  It is the answer to every question you have about your love life, relationships, health, life purpose, and so forth.  The more you allow yourself to love, the greater depth and meaning your life holds.  Jesus and the other ascended masters will support you in this endeavor, ensuring that you’re protected and safe as you open your heart to love.

Additional meanings for this card:

  • Forgive those who seem to have hurt you.
  • Be loving with yourself
  • Do energy work to open your heart chakra.

Jesus’s message of love and forgiveness was profound and led to many demonstrations of miraculous healings.  Jesus helps anyone who calls upon him, regardless of the person’s religious or spiritual beliefs.  Call upon Jesus for help with healing yourself or others emotionally, physically, or mentally.

With much love and many blessings,

LP 💜

820  Trust that God is watching over you and your family, ensuring that your needs are provided for.

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